Lowering a basement floor is a practical way of adding additional space in your home. It is highly recommended that a qualified expert proficient in the use of engineering data and modern construction methods is contracted for a safe, efficient process.

DiBello Waterproofing & Masonry specializes in foundation repair and modification. For over 35 years our expert masons have the experience and skill that is necessary to extend foundation walls and lower basement floors in order to safely create more headroom and protect against water with a custom cost-effective plan.

By Utilizing advance techniques and placing your family’s safety as our top priority, DiBello Waterproofing & Masonry will consult with you to determine your best options.

Foundation and Basement Excavation Services
Excavation may be necessary when a foundation needs to be removed or requires major reinforcement, or if the basement requires more depth. Our teams are experienced in safely digging underneath buildings, around sills and cribbing to leave a clean excavated foundation ready for repair.

Call us today for your custom solution or and learn more about our basement lowering, underpinning, and foundation repairs that we’ve proudly completed in NJ, NY & CT over the last 35 years!. Call us: 973-985-0048973-985-0048

DiBello Waterproofing & Masonry
DiBello Waterproofing & Masonry